Ecorse Rowing Club

Ecorse, Michigan, USA

...a facility dedicated to the City of Ecorse and its surrounding communities providing recreation, exercise, commitment, and competition through the sport of rowing.

Rowing is a fun, challenging sport available to all levels of interest and fitness. ERC is dedicated to fostering the sport of rowing in our community. If you're brand new to rowing, a great starting point is ERC's Rowing Introduction brochure.

Rowing Activities at Ecorse Rowing Club

The Ecorse Rowing Club currently hosts a number of activities to give everyone in our community a chance to experience rowing at several levels of committment (click on the link for details, see the main ERC page for event dates and times):

    National Learn to Row Day and Open House - June 3, 2017 9:00 - 11:00 am

Details: Learn to Row Day

This free event, typically held on the first Saturday of June, is coordinated nationally by US Rowing. It is open to all persons age 12 or older; anyone younger than 18 will need a parental waiver. The goal is to provide anyone interested in rowing with an introductory experience to find out if they want to pursue more training and committment. The basic goals of National Learn to Row day are:

  • Introduction to rowing equipment and 'lingo'.
  • Introduction to the history of rowing in the Detroit area.
  • Basic exposure to the training techniques for rowing (very light exercise at most).
  • An introductory lesson on how to row, with a finale of going for a brief row on the water, weather permitting!

There is absolutely no committment, just a willingness to try something new for about an hour. As participants in Learn to Row day are expected to be complete novices, some instructions and assurances:

  • Choose proper clothes for the morning - the rowing will involve some light exercise, and you may get wet. No baggy clothes, nothing valuable, and no loose or valuable jewelry. Suggested clothes include sweatpants, a t-shirt, and a jacket or sweatshirt if it's a cool day.
  • The row on the water will be in an eight-person shell, and will include four experienced rowers. Also, the rowing boat will be accompanied by a motor launch.

Details: Learn to Row Class

If you're new to rowing and interested in learning about rowing in depth, a Learn to Row class is the right choice. These extended courses typically last about four weeks, with three sessions per week, held after work hours (roughly 6pm to 7:30pm) and weekend mornings.

Students can expect a solid introduction to the sport of rowing, including:

  • An introduction to rowing terminology and equipment.
  • Basic land-training exercises and proper stretching technique.
  • A thorough covering of rowing technique.
  • A gradual introduction to the motions of rowing, using various pieces of equipment.
  • Significant amounts of time rowing in boats on the water, gaining confidence and experience.

To emphasize several points so that you know what you're "getting into" and enjoy your time rowing:

  • This is an active pursuit - you will be expected to exercise modestly and prepare accordingly (dress for exercise, don't eat a meal right before a training session, etc.).
  • This is a team pursuit - you will be expected to arrive on time or let the coach know of any scheduling difficulties.
  • Rowing is dependent on Mother Nature - we cannot go on the water if conditions are rough, windy, or raining heavily. The coach makes these decisions and selects alternate activities if needed.